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Quarantine new corydras cat fish


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Hi. I am wondering if any of you got quarantine process you can share for corydras.

What med do you use and how long?

I saw video where @Cory says he use med trio General cure, api erythromycin, Ich X but all of those are corydras safe?

With guppy, when I used api erythromycin, guppy got red rash on side or red head and since then, I have not used that specific anti bacterial med so I am kind of scary to use that one. With fish, since then, I use paraguard for 2 weeks and then observe and then let them join in the designated tank.

But last time I got panda and used paraguard, it seemed like did nothing to them and when they were flashing, it did not fix either (With guppy flashing, always fix right up). In the end, I lost 3 out of 6 and 3 are in the main tank and I need to get more cory but when I do, I am wondering what med I use for quarantine.

If you could share your quarantine process for corydras, I will be much appreciated.


Thank you.

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I've used the trio on several types of corydoras and not had any ill effects. I put fish in QT tank, put meds in, make sure plenty of air is bubbling in tank. let it sit in tank for a week, watching and observing fish to make sure they eat and if I notice any parasite problems. I do a 50% water change after the week and observe the fish for at least another week in the QT tank before moving to display tank.

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3 hours ago, flossybooch said:

I used the quarantine trio with corydoras and is perfectly safe for corydoras. I put in meds for one week. Then watched them for another week. 

Thank you. In the video that I watched, @Corysaid it is snail safe, shrimp safe, plant safe but did not say scaleless fish like Corydras safe or not so, I was wondering about it.


Do you use General Cure, api erythromycin, Ich X or Do you use Maracyn, Para cleanse, ich X? I got all API stuff plus Ich X but I do not have para cleanse so, I am thinking of going with API method.


1 tsp ich X, 1 packet of General cure, 1 packet of api erythromycin for 10 gallon tank. Am I correct?

Then, 50% water change after 1 week, and observe2-3 weeks more.



4 hours ago, Cory said:

I use the quarantine trio at the shop for 1 week. 1 dose . I explain it in the videos. 

Thank you.

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