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feeding shrimp fresh soybean husks


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21 minutes ago, Diving Aquarist said:

I personally would only feed stuff that is biological, just to make sure that there are no pesticides etc in them.

Sorry for my ignorance but can you elaborate on what "biological" means?  I'm not sure I've heard the term in this context.  To me all food is biological unless you count minerals like salt, and water as food.

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10 hours ago, Diving Aquarist said:

Edit: just remembered the English term... I meant 'organic'...

ah makes sense! 


just a PSA: In the united states organic doesn't mean pesticide free (though most people here think it does).  It just means* you can't use the newer pesticides and as a result organic stuff may have no pesticide or it may have a lot (the older ones require higher doses to work, but who knows whats more dangerous to people and shrimp).


*:there's of course other conditions that are required to meet USDA organic labeling requirements.

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