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Being a new member i would like to note I live in Chiang Mai thailand. I will have about 90 outdoor under a roof tank setup to start. I am starting a breeding business and have a large plot of land an excellent well and a large funding account, any ideas of what to breed and grow to ship to the usa would be helpfull.

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1 hour ago, BradinThailand said:

Can anyone tell me what is commonly imported from Thailand to the USA? And or what I should breed and ship to the US?

Try AquaBid. Sellers are listed by Country, and there are quite a few sellers from Thailand.

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It seems that pretty much every kind of aquarium fish sold in the US has breeders in SE Asia to some degree. Some US buyers prefer local or domestic breeders where possible for less shipping stress for the fish, but that option isn't always available for rare species or for very common species where domestic breeders can't compete on price and volume.

I recently bought some killifish eggs from Thailand, which came inexpensively via postal service. I thought that was clever for several reasons:

1) there are so many varieties of killifish that it can be hard to find the exact one you're looking for as adults here in the US.

2) the eggs can have a long incubation period (long enough to survive almost any mail delay)

3) the eggs can be incubated in moist peat moss, sealed in a small plastic bag, which is even easier for shipping

4) many people getting into killifish are slightly more advanced fish keepers who can do research and are interested in breeding and raising fry

5) they're small and easy to keep in smaller tanks

The downsides are:

1) you need to provide clear and fool-proof directions in English for when and how to hatch them in case a newer fish keeper buys them

2) killifish aren't as well-known in the US as many other kinds of fish, so they're less popular, though they're very colorful and cute

3) you'd probably need several separate tanks for males, females, spawning, and a good organization system to clearly label and sort the eggs by hatch date

But they might be still be a good place to start. Good luck!

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Though I am not sure that his business touches much on the market in US, I'd recommend going through a bunch of Dexter's World videos where he carefully describes his processes for breeding and raising various kinds fish in an outdoor farming environment. He's a cheerful fellow in the Philippines, and someone who I think has figured out how to adapt to his space and environment very well.


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I have seen many Thai breeders on ebay as well. We see lots of fancy guppies and bettas--all the "new" stuff seems to come from Thailand. The cost of shipping live fish internationationally is high on this end, and use of a transhipper (of which there are a few in each region of the US) is standard. It is worth looking over ebay in the US to see how pricing breaks down. The Thai seller may get $10 USD for a betta, but the fish is going to cost me closer to $50+. This means the shipping costs more than the fish, and so the best strategy is for people to ship larger quantities, either to resell or divide an order among many. 

I very much envy your location! Chaing Mai is a beautiful area.

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extra ideas: I logged into ebay, went to the "live fish" section, and searched the keyword "thailand" Here all all the species that came up:


Some of these may have been imported from thailand originally, and then are being resold in the US, but presumably all of them are in some way coming from thailand originally.

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