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Aquarium Co-Op Multi Test Strip Tests with known solutions (videos inside)

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Hey all, while moving I found a couple of solutions I could use to make a quick video about our test strips. Just thought I'd make them for the forum to put people's minds at ease to the accuracy. By no means is this a scientific controlled environment. Instead it's much closer to your home use.  These are just some unlisted videos that can help when people are wondering about the strips around on the forum.

Nitrate Test 150ppm:


Ph Test 7.0


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This is very helpful @Cory! I retired my API liquid test kit the minute these test strips arrived at my doorstep. Really enjoyed seeing a small part of the testing process. Thank you for what you have done to make this hobby better and easier to enjoy. 

I am not sure if this has been done already but this should be pinned somewhere on the forum for people to find easily.

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While I’m pretty much addicted to using liquid tests for my weekly testing, I am finding the test strips invaluable for doing quick daily tests to monitor initial cycling.

As the number of tanks in my possession increases, it’s very likely that they may be more suitable for my weekly testing too.

I do wish that they would also test for ammonia, but definitely understand that this is impossible due to the nature of the chemistry required.

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1 minute ago, Streetwise said:

@tonyjuliano, your wish item exists! It is a separate product because of the different reaction time:



Thanks, but I realize that.  I was referring to the “nirvana” which would be “all parameters in a single strip”, but Know that wouldn’t be possible.  If it was, someone would be making tons of money.

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