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Drip acclimate Amano shrimp?


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19 minutes ago, HomerJay said:

Hey guys, i just wanted to get your opinion about drip acclimating amano shrimp. Is it really necessary? I dont get why you should do it other than temp.

The stated reason for why you should drip acclimate is to have a smooth adjustment of parameters like pH, hardness etc.  I actually think it doesn't help with temperature too much as a small bag will cool faster especially without a heater, but I've never actually tested it.


As to whether or not you should, there's varying opinions so I have no idea whats "right"


Edit: I'm inclined to think you don't have to for most things because its suits my laziness.  I still do it with cherry shrimp though, because I've had one or two die after introduction to a new tank.

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If the Amano have been shipped, I would just temperature acclimate without opening the bag, then as soon as you open the bag, drain the water and put them in the tank. If you purchased at LFS, then you can drip acclimate since the bag will not be a toxic bomb at that point.

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