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Drip acclimate Amano shrimp?


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19 minutes ago, HomerJay said:

Hey guys, i just wanted to get your opinion about drip acclimating amano shrimp. Is it really necessary? I dont get why you should do it other than temp.

The stated reason for why you should drip acclimate is to have a smooth adjustment of parameters like pH, hardness etc.  I actually think it doesn't help with temperature too much as a small bag will cool faster especially without a heater, but I've never actually tested it.


As to whether or not you should, there's varying opinions so I have no idea whats "right"


Edit: I'm inclined to think you don't have to for most things because its suits my laziness.  I still do it with cherry shrimp though, because I've had one or two die after introduction to a new tank.

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