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 Hello everyone,

I've been watching Cory's Youtube videos for about a year now, thought I'd join the forum group.

I've been keeping aquariums since I was a kid (looong time ago), but just this last year started with planted tanks. Things have changed quite a bit in the last ten years or so and I'm really enjoying the advances that have come about.

I currently have 6 planted tanks ranging from 75 down to 10 gallons, as well as an old cast iron clawfoot tub I turned into a goldfish pond.


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 I really like Anubias and most of the mosses for plants. I love the look of stem plants but I have eco-complete substrate and it's not stem friendly

This has been the second winter for the pond. I'll try and get some recent images in here.

I discovered a few very important things working on that project..
1 Cast iron tubs are very heavy
2  There's a reason why most people don't do above ground ponds
3 "That old tub out there in the back 40 looks cool, we should do something with it." is the equivalent of "hold my beer!" Stupid antics are sure to follow...!






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Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!

@ lefty o.    That drain for the tub was one of those three ring circus parts of the project.. apparently the tub is old..  likely from the 50s or older. none of the plumbing fittings at lowes or home depot worked. Metric pipe sizes? I tied those guys up for hours 🙂 . Eventually I ended up taking the whole drain assy apart and going with modern fittings. that leaked first winter a bit, so now I have a rubber cap on the drain and my fancy drain valve system is sitting in a box..

 I ended up getting a bead blaster and new compressor from working on that tub. Thank goodness my wife loves me. She also got to pick the color for the tub.. I was gonna paint it some drab earth color, her color turned out better.

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