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Temperature Limits for Small Outdoor Guppy Pond

MD Guppies

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Hi Everyone! Quick question: I would like to set up a small free standing pond (20-30g) for guppies. I plan on placing it on my deck which gets direct sunlight from early afternoon until sunset. (I'm located in the Washington, DC Metro area.) My concern is that this amount of sunlight will heat the pond to uninhabitable temperatures. If the temp of the water gets into the the high 80s, will it become detrimental to the guppies or since the water will slowly be warmed by the sun, they could adjust? Curious if anyone has any thoughts on this. Thanks!

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Are you a member of PVAS (Potomac Valley Aquarium Society)? We are. It meets over in Fairfax, VA. Great club -- lots of very experienced Fish Keepers. 

We live over in Western MD. Same deal as you describe - we have 15-20 gal tubs on back porch, north light, but constant sunlight all day. Temperatures in water soar to well above 90-degrees many days in the summer. Last year, we started with 7-8 guppies, and ended with ca. 75 glorious mutt guppies. Aeration is important, because at higher temperatures, water cannot absorb as much oxygen as at lower temperatures. Consider running a Sponge Filter and an air stone (we're going to use Ziss never-clog air stones this year). Here are a bunch of videos if you're interested... 

Early Summer 2020 Tub Set Up

Mid Summer 2020 Guppy Growth Check


End of summer 2020 Guppies


Set up of 33 gal Long with Pond Guppies in 5th Grade Classroom


Pond Guppy Growth in Classroom Tank


2021 Mini Ponds Set Up (featuring younger brother . . . no fish added yet)




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