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Hello from Port Hadlock WA

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I'm recently from New England. Now have a pond/plant conservatory next to my tiny house in Port Hadlock.  Interested in paludariums and indoor ecological ponds with emergent vegetation. Currently have White Clouds, Bristlenose, Hillstreams, and Julli Corys in my pond.

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Hi All, Thanks for your welcoming. I'm retired right now so not working, although I live close to the boatbuilding school and cruise with a student-built boat.  Here's a picture of my pond, with the animals mentioned in it, and as you can see mostly emergent and floating plants. The large monstera has its aerial roots in the water and now growing as an aquatic root tangle like miniature mangrove roots, providing lots of hiding spaces for fry and shrimp.  Over a hundred white clouds, eight hillstream loaches, five Julii dories, one bristlenose, and many cherry shrimp.  On the right side of the pond there's a 'stream bed' provided by a powerful pond pump.  On the left side is a quiet area with a dense water lettuce covering.  In the middle is an open space with less current and is the 'detritus deposit' area. In the back is the riparian zone.  With all the emergent plants there's no detectable nitrate and as you can see by the small water lettuce, lots of plant competition for nutrients. Thanks again!

Pond view 1.jpg

Root tangle and emergent plants.jpg

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