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Ich Treatment Advice


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Hi, First time treating for Ich and following directions on bottle. I isolated the 2 fish to my Mcguvered isolation tank that were showing ich and have treated the rest of my 20 gallon now for two days. i see no signs in the tank and the ich has cleared up on the isolated fish with one of them dying/ The one that died I expected since I dropped him during transfer! The remaining looks good, no salt flakes also after 2 days. 

My understanding is that I should change a third of the water everyday and then readminister the ICH-X?  That way you have fresh water and a new dose of ICH X. Am I on the right track?   

My nitrates have been running high but I do a weekly 25% change and gravel vac. My tank is I would say heavily planted. About 6 fish on cleanup and then about 10 fish on regular duty.


Thank you ahead of time,


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