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Favorite background plants for low-tech tank


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What are your favorite background plants for a low-tech tank? I can do moderate to high light with mg Finnex 24/7 CRV, but I'm not running Co2. Just had to rip out my green myrio because the leaves started dying. (A real head-scratcher because I thought it was almost impossible to kill... meanwhile my water sprite and moneywort are growing like crazy). I'm using liquid ferts and substantial lighting. I'm a newbie, so easy to moderate care only. Probably not amazon swords since they get so large. My tank is only 29 gallons. I don't mind trimming frequently, but I don't want anything that's giant because I prefer to keep a big variety of plants. I like the look of anacharis, but I keep my tank at 79°, and I know they prefer cooler water.im using eco-complete substrate. Root tabs, and liquid ferts as needed.

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