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Water Parameters for Betta Macrostoma


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Hey nerm fam!

 So I'm wanting to buy this set of Betta macrostoma juveniles. Problem is, they're bread and raised in soft water. I live in Florida so my water is very hard. I'm hoping not to chase parameters so how can I get them acclimated to my hard water without killing 200 dollars worth of fish??? Wanna figure it out before they get here.


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Honestly, when the parameters are that disparate, I prefer to use remineralized RO water. As other proponents of this method say, it removes a lot of the guesswork and puts the control back in your hands. Remineralize with Seachem Equilibrium or equivalent. If you're only using RO on one small tank, it's not hard to keep water on-hand and not expensive to obtain. Where I live in SoCal it's 30 cents per gallon and I refill my bottles every month or so. I keep caridina shrimp and a couple species of softwater nanofish.

I know Cory doesn't like RO and has mentioned other methods before, such as slowly buffering the tank conditions down and stabilizing them there with mild additives such as botanicals and plants. But for my preferences those sound more complicated than just remineralizing pure H2O since my water, like Florida water, comes out of the tap with max GH and KH and TDS around 250ppm. Shrug!

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