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Blue Ram Eggs


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So I have a batch of Ram eggs.  The parents remain with the eggs in a secluded 20g.

Question; I can see several eggs that don't look fertile.  How on earth do I remove the unfertilized eggs without disturbing the parenthood now taking place?  Those things are tiny!  She laid them on a small piece of slate.

  It's mostly the male guarding the eggs, but they do seem to take turns.


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one of 3 things will happen--the parents will remove the unfertile eggs themselves, or the parents will eat them all because they get stressed/have the munchies, or the eggs might cause fungus. If your flow is good they will likely not fungus, and the parents will help this by fanning the eggs. If you disturb them they may abandon or eat the eggs. If they are parenting and that is your goal, I would leave them alone.

The only way to pick off the non fertile eggs is to pull them all and hand raise them, but at that point you can use a pipette to go in an suck up the egg you want to remove. 

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