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Female Guppy with Stringy Poop and White Spot on Head


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Got her with 1 male and 1 other female. The 1st female didn't make it past the first night.  I have in quarantine tank and was doing preventive care with the trio of meds ( ich x, fritz paracleanse and maracyn) . The two left were great for 5 days then fem start to get flakes on head then stringy poop.  Male is fine he does seemed bothered by anything.  I'm new to aquarium life. I've got most meds and salt.  Fish are in a 5 gal tank. Temp is 76°F.

Hardness is 8.4 to 8.8 water is naturally hard.

Nitrate is 0 ppm

Ammonia is 0 ppm

Nitrite is 0 ppm 





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Those pics look a bit worrisome. First off, in regards to parameters....given you have 0 nitrates, there is a good possibility your tank may not be cycled.

Secondly, the bent spine and dull whit band/patch around the fish are symptoms of columnaris. The color of the gills looks concerning as well, though I have never had guppies.

A good step one would be to add some salt...1 Tbsp per 5 gallons should be fine for guppies.

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9 minutes ago, Idgyroo said:

Thank you for the help and information,  I'm still struggling with aquarium life and don't have the knowledge yet.

It could be columnaris looking the pictures the recommended treatment for columnaris is kanaplex and furan 2 together as it a gram negative bacterial infection

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