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I think I may have over-spoiled my green neon tetras?

Karen B.

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20 gallons

Population : 1 honey gourami, 10 chili rasboras, 14 green neon tetras, 7 false julii corydoras and 4 nerita snails.

pH 7.6. Temps about 75 F, 0/0/20, gh 8, kh 4

My green neon tetras used to eat everything. Now, the only food they will eat is frozen food (blood worm, daphnia, brine shrimp). Any other food, they won’t even take it in their mouth and spit it - at best they push it with their nose... 😲 They won’t even eat bug bites from Fluval.

I feed my fish a variety of food (flake, pellets, frozen, freeze dried) and each of these at least 2-3 different kind (like I have 3-4 kind of pellets, etc).

I used to give frozen food only once or twice a week but now I give some max every 2 days, not wanting them to starve. But do you have any suggestions how I can get them to eat dry food again?

Thank you!

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