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Cold Water fish for Fry control

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Good morning,

I have endler fry and for now and wanting more. There aren’t too many now, but I have heard about livebearers quickly outgrowing their tanks. They are in a 20L with a single BN Pleco. I am not running a heater on the tank and I don’t want to have to run a heater if I can get away with it. Are there any fish that can help control the fry population but also don’t require a heater? I can’t think of any. I have thought of Apistos, Angels Bettas. All require heaters. Any help is appreciated.

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Just now, Patrick_G said:

You’re right, the Golden Panchax has a huge mouth. It could definitely fit an adult Endler. I forgot how small they are. 
I’ll second @CalmedByFish’s recommendation for the Platies. I love the ones that look like Sanke Koi. 


I was thinking along th lines of Variatus platies. Those ones are really attractive

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