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Switching from Seachem to Easy Green?

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Is there information somewhere on making the switch?

I'm using Seachem's Flourish and Trace.  I'm using a lot of product.  In total, I'm treating 235 gallons of water.

Is Easy Green a better move financially?  I would need to buy the Easy Iron too.

Do I just switch, or should I stop with one for a few days before beginning the EG?



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You would just switch. I'm not sure you'd need iron. Unless you were dosing flourish Iron. I can't find the spreadsheet someone did. But Easy green is WAY more potent than Flourish. When I was using flourish before developing flourish, I had to dose at like 16x the recommended strength to keep plants growing. Easy Green already has Iron in it. You'd only buy Easy Iron if you needed more then that.

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Wow, thanks guys.  It's in my cart now.

Is there anything not in the EG that I should watch for or supplement?  I'm just learning the chemistry but already have some plants.  The water is really hard (like as much as 25 drops of API and light purple on the strips). and nitrates are no lower than 30 in any of my tanks.


Oh, and minimal algae.

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