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Iron in substrate


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It's not true that iron makes plants red or more red. The best way to grow red plants is to grow healthy plants, and this is acheived with a fertilization regiment that addresses both Macro and Micro nutrients. 

Usually, red plants love a rich aquasoil coupled with abundant light and CO². However, there are low tech options that grow well and I would put ST in the high tech category.

Dosing Micros into the water column is all you need, but you could certainly try prepackaged root tabs or Osmocote+. These should be able to supply a good balance of nutrients into the substrate.

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Thank you. Co2 is almost out of the question unless I do the soda bottle method as ALL bottled gasses have to come from Ketchikan, 90 miles away on a different island. 

I will be doing a dirted substrate using organic planting soil, Eco-Complete, fine gravel and coarse sand. 

Looks like it will definitely be low tech. I just looked up my light, a Nicrew Classic LED Plus and it's only 21 watts and I will be using it on a 29 gallon acrylic tank. 

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