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Newbie- Cascading plants for my 36 gal

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Which is better for a cascading effect the Monte Carlo or baby tears?  Wanting to get something to cascade lightly carpet down my pretty rock on either side. Pic of my current tank. And images from aquarium co-op. Just want to hear from y’all who have worked with either plant. 
still cycling this tank hence why the background has basically poster of fish behind it haha 😂 I couldn’t stand looking at no fishies. 




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What is your tank setup like?

Both of these plants will require high lighting as well as co2 to carpet. I've never owned dwarf baby tears but I have owned monte carlo.

I didn't have any co2 in my tank so Monte Carlo never carpeted, but they did how ever pearl and were very green. 

It looks like you have dwarf hair grass in your tank which will also provide a carpet for you.

There both very simmillar plants in terms of requirements, but its what ever you like the look of more. I personally would go with the Monte Carlo, but only because I like the look more.

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My tank. Is high lighting. I do use a co2 additive in the tank as well as fertilizer. It’s not the fancy stuff just something I had gotten from Petsmart. I’m working on getting my kh & gh better as my tap is rather low in my area. Added crushed coral to get the ph up as well. I’ve only had it a few weeks so still cycling tank. 

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