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How many platies in my 20 gallon?


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I'm still setting up my 20 gallon tank, and I just bought three platies (2 females and one male). Right now they are in quarantine. I'm planning on getting 6 panda cories later, and I was wondering if I could fit more platies? I got the orange and yellow ones with black speckles (calico maybe?) and I would like to get a couple of the bluish variation, either only 2 females or 2 females and a male. I probably wouldn't keep many of the fry if they have babies. There would be no other fish (besides the corydoras).

Alsooo....My platies seem to always be pooping (even though I haven't fed them yet). I've also seen them eat their poop.....Is that normal??

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9 minutes ago, KBOzzie59 said:

Yes.  How many depends on filtration, if you are doing live plants, and how much time you want to spend maintaining the tank.

I have an Aquaclear 30, and I am also doing live plants (but for now only anubias and java fern).


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