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New Build: Lights/Filter/Heater Questions


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I have two new 40 breeders and plan on planting them with low to medium light plants. My first question is are the Finnex Stingray a good light for that or is there another comparable light near the same price point? I have always used HOB filters in the past how many gallons per hour am I going to need circulating for a 40 gallon? Also any suggestion on model of HOB? Last of all will a 200w heater be sufficient? 

Appreciate any input and look forward to being a part of this forum. 

Cheers ! 

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A good rule of thumb in regard to filter flow is to turn over tank volume 4-5 times per hour.

I would be looking for at least 200 gph for each of your 40’s.

IMO, the best HOB filters out there right now are the Fluval “C” series and Seachem Tidal line.

I would recommend either the Fluval C4 (265 gph) or Seachem 55 (250 gph), but if were me - I would opt for a good cannister filter for anything over 30 gallons.

if you plan to stock heavily, or adding fish that generate a lot of waste (think cichlids or large predatory fishes), then you should consider up to 10X the hourly flow rate.

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I love my Cobalt Aquatics 26000. I currently have one on my 20 high and I have a brand new one for my new 29 gallon acrylic show tank. It can be configured with the intake inside the tank or outside. With either configuration the intake/discharge unit is removable without actually having to turn off the pump. This leaves it circulating water while you remove the canister for cleaning. When you reattach the intake/discharge and lock it into place it switches the internal valve and resumes routing the water through the filter media without having to prime it. Plus it's self priming so in the event of a power outage it will prime itself without having to do anything to it.

Screenshot_20210509-213209_Amazon Shopping.jpg

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