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Twisted Hair Algae

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The algae I see isn't what I'd call hair algae, but it is what I'd call food for my baby Oto's. The algae I'd call hair algae grows about 2 inches high and can be killed by either spraying or pouring Hydrogen Peroxide on it if the object the hair algae is growing on can be removed from your tank for a short time. 

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No its just on the valisneria. I figure if its growing like that its consuming nitrates.  I could remove it easily.  No shrimp in the tank there is an sae.  It's mainly the female guppu tank although there are 6 bronze corys as well.   I have hundreds (thousands?) Of cherry shrimp. I could put some in but i would think the guppies would see them as tasty snack. 

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