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Electricity to ponds?


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I’m sure this is a dumb question but when setting up mini ponds how does everyone run electricity safely? I’m too impatient to wait for them to heat up on their own (I’m in va beach and they hit 74 once then a cooler snap dropped them back down to mid 60s) so I want to run heaters. Also need electricity for the air pump and water pump. Ponds are 110gallon tubs along my house where I do have an outside outlet I can run an extension on but how do I protect it from rain? Dying to start tossing guppies in lol

Pic of my kids clearly not understanding it’s being set up for fish not as a pool. 🤦‍♀️🤣





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Before I start please tell me you are using a GFCI outlet that has been tested to work AND/OR you are using a GFCI pigtail that has been tested.  A GFCI pigtail looks like this: .  If you do not have a GFCI outlet the pigtail needs to be the first thing plugged into the outlet.

Are you asking about a weather-resistant outlet cover like this? This will protect the outlet..  They also make covered outlets like this for at the point of use in your yard.

If you are doing ANY wiring please get an electrician to do it. 


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I’m not using anything right now I’m asking how people plug their heaters and such outside without moisture/rain risk. I need access to more then just the two plug ins on the side of the house which I didn’t install and are absolutely gfci with appropriate covers. That doesn’t do anything for the idea that I’d have something plugged in rain or shine. Or does it?

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2 hours ago, ererer said:

If you need to run an extension cord to the heater, use one rated for outside use and you can get a clamshell cover to cover the connection between the heater cord and the extension cord. 

Ok that’s the missing link. Didn’t know there were outside extensions and “clamshell cover” would the the searchable term for what is probably the thing on the outlet outside currently. Thanks!

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