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Christmas Moss Purgatory!


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Are there specific conditions that will affect the growth of Christmas Moss? I’ve been struggling with it for four months. It’s sort of limped along with tons of melt and some stringy growth. I have no trouble growing Java Moss but I must be doing something wrong with the Christmas Moss. 
Tank: 3g with plants and four shrimp. Nicrew clip light
Ammonia 0, Nitrite 0, Nitrate 15-20, Ph 6.8-7, GH 11. A drop of easy green once in a while. Root tabs for some Baby Tears
I finally decided to pull off the greener bits and left them in the tank. I hope I can encourage the stuff in the jar to come back to life! 859139A8-5F69-4A06-8EC3-70E6DD2DED9F.jpeg.7a6d3e8847c090541f264573dc75a4f8.jpeg

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