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Is Fluval 3.0 indeed the best light under ~$200?

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What's the best light I can get for ~$200 for a 4ft (length) x 1ft (wide) x 1.5ft (height) tank? I'm thinking to buy the Fluval 3.0 48" light but I'm wondering if for about the same amount of money I can get a better one? The main goal with the tank is to grow all kinds plants so the customization feature available in the Fluval 3.0 is really a great point.
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Probably - some would argue the finnex and beamworks are just as good and they are a bit less expensive. You have to go to around $300+ to get the next level above fluval (wrgb2, twinstar 9000). The other approach is using several flood lights - they are like $20 a pop and you would probably want 4. They come at different spectrum include some rgb models. The catch is you would want to hang them but most are either ip66 or ip68 since they are designed to work outside in the rain....

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