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Shelves for a good price.

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31 minutes ago, Paul_Obermiller said:

I am looking for shelves to hold 20 longs, 20 highs, 10s and 5.5s what would be a great option that is also not super expensive. I have seen the gladiator shelves but they are like $230 dollars.

Depends on what you want it to look like. Cheapest and easiest option would be cinder blocks and 2x4s. You could also make your own out of all 2x4s if you feel handy.

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I just purchased the Edsal heavy duty rack at Home Depot for my new 40 breeder. I paid 79.00 for the 36 w 18 d 60 H, I am only using half of it at this point.

I know several muscle rack systems come in smaller dimensions 24 W or 30 W.

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This is a rack I bought from Home Depot for $80. Holds 800lbs but I would definitely replace the particleboard shelves with plywood. One 4x8 board will take care of all of 4 shelves.I know lumber is expensive right now but it should still all come out to be under $200. Very easy to build and I used it for 10s and 20 longs for breeding shrimp 


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