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Upgrading Aquariums (How To?)


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So, I've been looking into upgrading from my 72g to a 100 or 125g for a few years. I essentially begin by trying to plan how I will process this endeavor and I just end up stop planning and forget about it. Does anyone have any good tips for something like this?

My process begins with: 

Using 4 buckets to separate the Plecos, then Use my 32gal Trash-bin (I sometimes use to prep water) to hold the rest of my stock and what's left of the 72gal water. Connect my cannister to the trash-bin to keep it cycling while I work. Use another bucket or 3 scooping out my substrate and plants. Removing 72g from its stand, replacing with the upgrade. Filling in with old substrate and additional, then re-plant. Fill the new  aquarium about 1/3rd with old tank water. Re-introduce the fish, and fill the rest of the aquarium with fresh tempered water and conditioner. I would definitely use some Seachem Stability during this process. 

Does this plan read like it could work? Or is it too much of a risk to the fish and possibly crash my beneficial bacteria? 

I've been planning to purchase a larger home within the next year or two, so even if I don't upgrade, I will need to transport my aquarium to a new location anyway. That will bring a whole new set of variables as-well including water quality. 

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7 minutes ago, lefty o said:

thats a decent plan. ideally, it should only take a couple of hours so having fish in a bucket or two is no biggie.

My house is 73 so the lowest the temp would drop during that time in the buckets at least would be somewhere around 75 from beginning at 78F, if I can get it all done within say 2 hours. I think I'd probably not feed for 2-3 days prior to the move also. Thank you for the input. 

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