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Heater Needed?

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Hello everyone! I was going though the backlog of Aquariums Co-op videos (as one does) and watched "Your Freshwater Fish Tank Probably Doesn't Need A Heater" from about 2 years ago. 

I have been recording the room temperature for the past week and a half and I have read it in the range of 73-81. The fish (and inverts) that I plan to have are able to go from low 70s to low 80s (according to credible resources on the interwebs. 

The question I have is if I need to add a heater to my aquarium. Keep in mind that they light and sponge filters are not on yet so there will be some hear added from those will raise the water temperature as well 

Perhaps @Cory or @Irene could also weigh in 🙂 always great to hear from them!

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A lot depends on your choice of fish.  You need to determine what the water temperature range is. If you can guarantee that 73 is the lowest temp. year round, than there may not be a need to add heat. The water temp may very according to a variety of external conditions.

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