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Growing up I have always had fish, but now I am ready to get my own tank, I would like to get a 15 Gallon tank, and I have some ideas for what I want to put in there, but having a hard time knowing if they will be okay together, I have watched most of the youtube videos already. I do have VERY hard water


So Im looking at Fancy Guppys, Kohli Loach, shrimp, and snails, but I would like one that like the top of the tank, but can't seem to get an idea. Also want to put live plants in tank. 

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The good thing about guppies is that they swim ALL AROUND the tank. They inhabit the Upstairs, and downstairs of the tank and everywhere inbetween. Which is why you may not necesarilly need an upstairs fish. None the less if you still want some "upstairs" fish Irene from Aquarium Co-Op made an article with a list of fish that seem to dwell in the top half:


For plants I would do some fast growing plants like Hornwort, moss, guppy grass, etc. These plants will help the fry from the guppies hide from their parents.

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