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Help! Sudden aggression disaster!

Lexi B

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Hi there. This morning I woke up to find one of my male guppies to be completely without a tail. Last night when I went to bed he was completely untouched. I have him in a tank with other males and a betta that's been completely placid. I've never seen any aggression until now. The damage done to his tail suggests the betta, but I've been watching and the betta shows zero interest. The other large male, however, has begun to chase him over night. 

Could the other guppy be responsible for this?

I am trying to figure out what to do, since I only have the one tank and can't just move them easily to a different one. 

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also how big is the tank? 
You may want to set up a quick quarantine tank in a plastic tub if you’re able, that way you can treat him for any possible bacterial infection from the injury. 
otherwise, you could get a breeder box or something that hangs in the tank but you can separate him from the other fish. 
hope he’s ok! 

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