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Wound or Disease Premium Long Fin Tetra


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Woke this am and noted something white hanging off the side of my 3 year old Tetra.  He was OK yesterday, but noted he was swimming around a plant and not schooling with the other 4 tetras in the 75 gallon tank.  Have 8 cory pandas, one pleco, one oto and one angel.  Took video and when I came back downstairs the white thing had fallen off and now there is just a whitish area.  The area doesn’t look swollen.


Perform water changes every 7 to 10 days depending on my nitrates.  Never allow my nitrates to reach over 40.  Ammonia – 0  Nitrite – 0  Nitrates – 40  pH 7.0


Recently bought java moss, noted two bladder snails and had some bearded algae, but the bearded algae is gone now.


Back-story on my tetra.  My niece, who was a flight nurse, died January 2019 and this was her only fish left.  This fish means a lot to me and any help would be appreciated. 






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Thanks...maybe it came from the java moss.  Always clean plants before I put them in my tank, but didn't with the moss.  Noted to snails after I put the moss in the tank.  Going to do a water change now and try and find the white thing that fell off this am.  It looked like a wound, but there is nothing that could scratch him.  Thanks again for your reply.

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