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Is Seachem Purigen ok for a Planted Tank?

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Hi @Sapphere, I have used Purigen on and off before in my planted aquariums for the past 3 years or so. I only used it whenever I thought the tannins were a little too high for my visual appeal. I never saw any issues with my plants either as @laritheloud mentioned. Aquarium co-op also has it in the product details that it is not known to remove aquatic fertilizers.


The only way I can think of it affecting your plants is that it helps remove organic waste (fish poop, decaying leaves, etc) which your plants could use as fertilizer. Usually there is plenty to go around of that stuff anyways unless your tank is not stocked very highly. 

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I wondered this too. From what I've gathered, it shouldn't negatively impact plants, and is a better option than activated carbon. With that, I added to my tanks a couple of weeks ago and haven't noticed any ill effects. Plants have new growth and water is clearer. I'm not sure it was necessary to add, but I did because I have quite a bit of wood. I'd be interested in hearing from others on this too.

Why are you looking into adding Purigen?

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