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Scarlet Badis, keep in group or individually.

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Well I'm going to start off and suggest not ordering these fish online if possible. In my area, they are pretty common with shipments every week. My experience with Scarlets were pretty easy going, I kept it in a nano aquarium with a couple endless guppies. It was not aggressive and added a ton of color to the tank. I never fed it live food because 1: that's a ton of work for a single tiny fish, and 2: the natural microorganisms throughout the tank were plentiful for it to thrive. If you do want to keep more than one, expect some sparing between them but with 10gs I wouldn't expect much. As for breeding, good luck! Finding a female has been impossible!!!!

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3 hours ago, Wingman12r said:

@Keeg local pick up is unfortunately not an option. A couple of not so great pco's are my only local option and nearest LFS is 200 miles away.

Live foods are not a problem, I have vinegar eels cultures, brine shrimp and just started a infusoria culture.

That's a bummer, Scarlets never ate the packaged food for me so lucky you! If you go with the 5 ish fish, I wouldn't be surprised at a blood shed, but also make it heavily planted/ scaped to break the line of sight for them. 


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I keep 3 in a heavily planted 20 high. If one male is clearly bigger and stronger, the others will suppress color and keep their fins down to not provoke aggression from the dominant male. The thing is, the better you take care of them the bigger and stronger the other males get and then they start challenging each other. My experience has been that 95% of confrontations are non-violent displays but after trimming plants, when territory gets obscured, I have seen some superficial fin damage.

I think I could maybe get away with one more. I'm not sure if I personally would do 5 in a 10 gallon but I don't have prior experience to say it can't be done. Hope that helps.

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