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I’m new to growing of aquarium plants so have question about lighting.

i can use leds meant for plants on Amazon. (hygger Full Spectrum Aquarium Light) and I get maybe 10 pearls each plant very minor. About 15 inches from light. These lights look nice I’ll attack picture minor pearling. 73F5D13B-E0F0-4F52-AE39-A78AF78D4A33.jpeg.2a0fab24275f8d0be796617c74e08af7.jpeg


I have some leds meant grow weed. They have alot red to cause blooming. When I use these lights on aquarium plants 100% covered in pearls.  And they seem grow like crazy.  The lights kinda ugly not very pleasant to look at I don’t consider this a factor. Ignore quality plant I just got it today it will repair itself. 48B8A836-1B5F-4356-B193-BA1AF55DD86E.jpeg.d420dc05cdf83862004110a0d198a6b2.jpeg

647C6FDD-2525-4FB2-89CB-738A464D7F26.jpeg.6f2d6a3d11ae3b7fb95ed2483ff12273.jpegSo more pearls good or bad??


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12 minutes ago, Mmiller2001 said:

On a side note. Make sure those "weed" lights aren't pumping too much UV. Your fish might go blind. But then again, I'm not familiar with these kinds of lights. But they sure look blue. Personally, I would need sun glasses to look at those! :classic_blink:

I used to wear sunglasses when dealing with grow lights for this very reason. Those purple grow lights are rough on the eyes. I think he mentioned in another thread that there are no fish in the tank to be worried about.

I'm a little curious to see how well grow lights work in an aquarium. Since they aren't intended to balance plant growth + fish health + viewer enjoyment it seems like they should grow plants like crazy, but algae seems inevitable with so many nutrients and so much light. 

I'd also be closely monitoring water temps with them, the ones I had experience with definitely put out some heat. Curious to see how the plants recover!

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