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Help with dead looking sick plants.

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sorry about font I couldn’t fix it!!

I brought this 75 gallon tank and it had these 30 plants. The women just gave up.


I’m using Caribbean eco-complete planted substrate. Store only had 2 so I ordered 4 more. So if I need add ozmacote diy root tabs I can when i get more substrate.

I have DIY c02 rolling on its good for 7-9 days I change it on Friday. 

So the lady had all these buried in substrate some kind of dirt. I have no ideal how to identify them if not supposed to be buried. 

Only fertilizer I’m using atm is leafzone api. And my leds or equal to the sun at 2 foot so good with lights. 
I guess I need feed tank ammonia since not going add fish for a few weeks until it’s stabilized. 

Any advice these dead looking plants? 

Wouldn't let me post video small one here’s a link might be better pictures.











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the api leafzone is a good iron fertilizer, but thats really most of what it does. hard to tell whats going on in that red lit tank, but for starters i would say needs more light, and a more all around fertilizer.

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I was thinking about flourish seachem is that better api.  The lights very intense I can turn reds off there meant make weed bloom. Pictures not great 


i have 3 of these plant light full spectrum off Amazon like see on last picture. My plants barley have oxygen bubbles on them. But when add these 2 expensive plant led lights the plant get covered in oxygen bubbles. I’m new to planted aquariums but I’d thing more photosynthesis is better.





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My guts tells me to switch out the reddish lights. Are they reef lights? Go for the lights you have in the last pic, that looks great. I’d use leaf zone, but only as a supplement to Aquarium Coop Easy Green or another all in one fertilizer. 
You’ll also do better if you find out what you’re trying to grow so you can look up it’s requirements. 

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I would have gotten the aquarium coop fertilizer but I just spent like 150$ there and can’t just order it 1 thing free shipping requires 59$.

He should really put it on Amazon it would blow up. But eventually I’ll switch to it guy on youtube seems cool and I’d rather support private business owner. Amazon is the devil!! But so cheap I’ll have flourish at my front door tomorrow!

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