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Hatching and raising killifish


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Got my Aphyosemion australe eggs from Thaliand in the mail the other day in a nice sealed foil-wrapped package with a hatch date of May 12-19, 2021 on it, and two capsules of fairy shrimp eggs. Yay! Problem is, the instructions are pretty poorly translated and are very hard to understand, so I figured I'd check my understanding with the experts here 🙂

On May 12, I'll empty out the packet of eggs and peat moss into a small, tray-like container (possibly adding in some coir fiber if there isn't much peat?) and cover with half an inch or so of aquarium water.

I'll keep the dish on top of the aquarium to help it stay a stable, warm-ish temp in my cool-ish house.

I'll check back in a couple hours for fry. Keep waiting until the 19th, I guess, until I see some fry.

If no fry by the end of the window, let the peat dry out and try again in 2 weeks.

Here's where I get different information:

After the fry are hatched, the instructions seem to recommend moving them several times into larger and larger containers until they're large enough for the main tank. But others seem to pour the newly hatched fry directly into their final tank, which is what I'd prefer.

If I have no other fish in the tank, just some neo shrimp, can I put the newly hatched fry right in their heavily planted, only sponge-filtered 15 gallon? I have a Ziss breeder box, but it's pretty large and will have trouble fitting in a small tank like this around the decor.


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I'm so excited for you! I ordered eggs that should be arriving any day now too. My plan is exactly as yours - but I'll releasing into their final tank a few days-week after hatching. Like you, I have one dedicated to them so why not? They won't have to compete or hide from other fish and I think they'll be less stressed in a planted tank vs a bare-bones grow out tank, but it will be harder to see and observe them.

Please, if you're able, do a journal for me us! Would love to watch the process 🙂

Such a beautiful fish!!


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The problem with putting them into a 15 gallon tank right away earlier on is predation and/or starvation. The best way to get the best yield is to keep them in a small container because you can observe them much better like if they are starving or notable size differences. Other than feeding them twice a day, you should be good. best of luck.  

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8 minutes ago, lefty o said:

with no other fish in the tank, i would put them in the larger tank once hatched. imo no predation, an established aquarium, and less moves equals less stress on the young fish.

Thanks, that's what I figured, too. And if even half of these 30 eggs hatch and survive, I'll have plenty of fish in the tank, maybe even too many. So I'm okay with a little bit of natural selection here.

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