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Help with identification

Big Dan

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So I rescued a 10 inch red Oscar recently and little did I know when picking it up but he came with a little friend. I found the Oscar on a local fb page and I had a fully cycled 120 gallon to house him in. When I went to pick the Oscar up I was met in the driveway with guy holding a bucket in his hand. The Oscar was already in the bucket and laying on its side sulking as they tend to do. Apparently hiding under him was this little guy that I did not see until I got back home. From my knowledge I believe its 1 of 3 fish...

Jack Dempsey 

Green Terror

Blue Acara

Could you guys please help me correctly identify which species it is..




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Just now, BIG GREEN said:

I have a female right at 10 iches in a 150gal tank....

Nice... any pics? Thats pretty big for a female right? Do you know how big do they need to be to sex them?

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