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Help! How do I catch all the mosquito larvae??


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So I’ve had my two 27 gallon tubs set up for a while, and tonight I look over and behold! They are teeming with mosquito larvae!

This is great but I don’t have any fish in there yet. I netted out a bunch to feed to my indoor 55 gallon and my fish were sooooo excited.

But I barely put a dent in what was in the tub. How do I keep my backyard from becoming mosquito heaven before I get fish?

I’m not sure it’s even warm enough to order fish yet...

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I got a net and some buckets and a jar and did a lot of scooping, and I got a LOT of larvae!!


When I went back the next day to collect more, it seems like there were hardly any large larvae. So it seems like I got most of the large ones on the first round. Makes sense since they’re easiest to catch.

This gives me some confidence that I can catch most of them before they get to mosquito stage. 👍

ETA: oh and I totally made ice cubes like you suggested. Yum!! 😝

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