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Hello, new to forums and getting back into the fish hobby!

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Hello everyone, 

I'm just getting back into the fish hobby. I'm upgrading my betta tank to a 20 gallon with some tank mates. I'm also planning a 75 gallon tank (which I'm super exited about.) I'm usually pretty shy and I don't really post online because people can be mean. I've been pretty impressed with this community and really want to be part of it!

I'm still setting up my tank. My old betta boy is enjoying the new tank! My other fish are currently in a quarantine tank. I'm going to be adding some more scenery and plants, but I wanted to get him into a bigger tank sooner than later.

Thank you for all of the great content. I'm very thankful for all the video's by Cory. They have given me the courage to start raising fish again. 


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Hi @Ruth M! Welcome to the forum, I appreciate your bravery in joining this online community. Like @lefty o said, we are a decent bunch of people here 😂 I hope you are going to share this new 75 gallon aquarium you will be building! I am very curious. I love the picture with the betta sticking its head out of the cave! 😂 I also really like the different gravel sizes you have in that aquarium. 

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