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Brine Shrimp saltwater outdoor Pond Build Log


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On 7/14/2020 at 10:51 PM, Cory said:

In my opinion it's a myth that only baby brine are nutritious. Otherwise frozen brine shrimp wouldn't exist. baby brine become less nutritious as they grow, so say you hatch them out and they are 24 hours old. at 48 hours, they've only lost nutrients cause they haven't eaten.. This is where the myth comes from. if you feed/grow brine shrimp they are as nutritious as anything else.  A case can be made that baby brine are very packed with nutrients. However it takes a ton of brine shrimp to feed big fish. I plan to feed these to adult apistos, african cichlids, platies, guppies, mollies. I plan to feed them green water, yeast, maybe some crushed up flake into power and such. They're filter feeders so will eat whatever is suspended in the water. 

When I first got into tropical fish around 1970,you could buy live adult brine shrimp at your LFS.

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So one awesome thing from @Cory's thread is that it inspired me a while back and currently to get my own brine shrimp culture going in a five gallon.  This is my first venture into live foods.  Using the knowledge Cory has taught us over the years about plants, I thought hey why not try to fight the Nitrate crashes so common with brine shrimp cultures by using macro algae in it.  And you know what? It worked!  

So the little 5 gallon is producing enough brine shrimp that I am able to harvest with a brine shimp net enough food for for 5 small tanks about 2 - 3 times a week.  I am supplementing the brine shrimp diet with spirulina powder and septic tank bacteria (BioClean, specifically).  To make sure the macro algae doesn't die, I have been supplementing the tank with a squirt of easy green about twice a month.  Anyhow it is working out great, my parameters for such things as ammonia, nitrite, and nitrates seem great, and it seems that this setup is sustainable for the long haul.  I am thinking however of maybe once every other week adding more brine shrimp eggs to try to get even more of a harvest.  Plus having an extra tank that I am making look nice with an odd ball critter is an added perk.  

Thank you Cory for inspiring me!

Edit:  The initial amount of eggs used was 1/4 teaspoon. 

Edit:  I also can not believe how ridicolously easy this has been.  I really do think adding a macro algae (chaetomorpha) to the tank has been the key. 

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