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Comparing Ludwigia Repens and Ludwigia Ovalis in Low Tech

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I'm thinking about getting some Ludwigia for my tank, but don't know whether to got with L. repens or L. ovalis. I have relatively low light, am fertilizing root tabs and Easy Green, no CO2. Under those conditions, I've heard both can live, but I'm not sure which one will give more (if any) coloration. Does anyone have experience with this? And if they'll both just be green plants in my tank, is one better than the other for any reason?

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So from my experience in doing both in low-tech nanos, is that the coloration only occurred once either plant made it to about an inch away from the top of the water.  On the few setups I have done this, they were running moderate light and typically the growth was at a point I had to trim them back an inch every other week. 

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My reopens does well. I let it grow tall and made sure I dosed iron. Great color. The lower leaves were very sparse once it neared the top but the top had quite a few. I trimmed and replanted so it is regrowing now. 
scarlet temple I thought was just going to die. My coop scarlet temple all melted to near nothing and grew back pretty great. Lots of leaves and color. Dwarf lily is easy and beautiful CCEE9DE9-2993-400B-8EDF-35EBDD4A0969.jpeg.918981369f6b21b2f2da2a99fb83ae42.jpegmy Ludwig is looking all thin and twiggy after clipping. (I was actually trying to capture my snail squiggles through the back wall algae)

7DA0EB3A-4CA7-415E-B905-312EBCB9C261.jpeg.b81a994c821f91c3b3b22e2c006e745c.jpeghappy snail on happy Lilly shading my Anubias. You can see Ludwigia reopens by the filter tube. 
F69C2973-CB4B-4226-B657-AC7E70246B5B.jpeg.9b6a13e349e7b3675e9bd6436653fdc7.jpeg205E0F4D-23B4-4538-BA78-9573B3C9DD76.jpeg.341fe6154592447f79e1b361d523cf06.jpegyou can see my scarlet temple in both these photos. Larger leaves then my ludwigia. Very full and very colorful. 
i need to clean up some moss. 
I’m still trying to work out lighting timing, intensity and ferts. But so far no real plant loss. 

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