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Java Babies! How to manage?

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Hello friends!!

My poor, peroxide abused Java Fern (Thor's Hammer var.), is full of baby fernlets!  I'd like to move them and grow them into full sizers that can go in other tanks or be given away to friends...any suggestions?

Glue the fernlets to a rock?

Cut and let float?

Leave them be until the leaf falls apart?

Any advice is very appreciated!!!


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I've had success with all 3 options! 

Glueing then to small rocks seemed to work best though. Just leaving them eventually leads to them floating, and floating works but mine end up tumbling around and growing in odd shapes. 

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3 hours ago, xXInkedPhoenixX said:

I always seem to find a nook to slide them into on a piece of driftwood, no glue required


I love the way that looks!!!  Some of the babies from other leaves have started to attach to my driftwood already.

I might try to get some small pieces of driftwood and attach the babies to that...I'd love to be able to move them to other tanks and give them away...and if they attach their little roots to my big driftwood in my tank, that'll be tough!

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