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Switching to a bigger tank

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I went from a 20G to a 55G last December.  I put the empty 55 on its stand right next to the 20, drained most of the water from the 20 to make it lighter and then moved it. Next I moved the 55 into place, moved the filter and heater from the 20 onto the 55 and filled up the 55 with water pretty close to the temperature in the 20. When the temperature in the 55 was good I transferred the fish and got rid of the 20. 

I have two filters on the 55, the first being the one that came off the 20, which would be too small for the 55 alone. The second filter is new so I seeded the new media and new pads in the 20 for about a week before the move. (I also got a second heater because the old one was too small for the 55 alone but that’s not really relevant here.)

I hope that’s helpful. 

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@Evanpretty much covered everything.  You are essentially just swapping containers. If this is not yet an emergency situation you could also seed the additional water and substrate required with water change water from the 46.  When the big moment arrives the fish should have no problems in a bucket with an air stone for the hour or two required to make the change.

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