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Mysterious Thing in Tank (Leech? Root Tab?)

Jacob B

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Hey everyone,

Can someone help ID this mysterious thing that showed up in my tank today? I'm thinking that it is either a dried aquarium leech (planaria?) that I accidentally added with some live black worms that I bought today, or the empty shell of an Aquarium Co-op Root Tab which I added to my tank a month ago.

mystery1.jpeg.1cd2236b141f1089ebe9213d9b6d0ccd.jpeg.  mystery3.jpeg.4ee02ca8380052a01e67beee1b3553f6.jpeg.



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That is a species of leech. I would have difficulty ID'ing to species without it in hand, but it likely came in with the black worms. Platyhelminthes are not segmented, and leeches uniquely possess a small disc called the posterior or caudal sucker at the end of their body to attach to rocks and vegetation

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