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Idea for forum event!

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Was thinking about fish tanks at work today and had an idea. It's plant related so I'm posting it here. 

I'm not sure if it would be against the forum rules but @Corycan probably shed some light on that. 

It's something I've participated in on subreddit for other hobbies in the past that I think would work well here and fit in with the theme of this forum. 

A Yearly (or twice a year) Plant Swap! 

Basically how it would work as I'm imagining it every person who wants to participate would submit their mailing address and after sign-ups close every member who signed up would receive the mailing address of another member who signed up. You then send a plant to that mailing address and another member will send one to you! 

There would have to be some rules. For example no floating plants since they don't really ship well, stem plants have to be 5 or more stems at least 4in each, plants like bucephalandra and anubias would require at least 5 leaves. Basically the portion or size would need to be equal or larger than what you would get purchasing that plant. This would ensure everyone gets something reasonable in return, but can be as generous as they'd like. 

I'd be happy to organize the swap, but would understand if it has to be handled by an Admin since it involves members personal info. 

I just thought it would be a fun way for us to support each other in the hobby and spread our favorite plants! What do you guys think of the idea, and is it even something that would be allowed? 

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Personally I think swaps are better suited for local events than an online forum like this. As someone that doesn't typically ship much, I could probably add a plant to my next ACO order for cheaper than I could figure out how to ship one to somebody. I also wouldn't want to take business from ACO.

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A fun idea, however we won't want to open ourselves up to the liabilities that go with it. It also goes against our bottom line. There is always drama, of X, had Y algae or pest, or disease. It also takes away from the primary goal of this forum and that's discussing topics. It'll also bring people in who just want to abuse the plant swap. Even on a local level I couldn't get people to not try and milk the system....

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22 hours ago, Ben Ellison said:

What if ACO kept the list in house and we just shipped them a plant through the ACO. Like I just go purchase my plant via the site and the back end sends it to whom ever it was supposed to be for? Aco makes money no one has to share info and we get to have fun 😃

Then we could do it around the holidays as a secret Santa type exchange. Doesn't have to be just plants either any item/multiple items over a certain minimum

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