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Licorice Gourami for Guppy fry containment?


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In my community tank I have Silvertip Tetras, various Guppy, Julii Cory and snails. I'd like to keep the guppy fry population to a minimum but don't mind some of them turning into adults.

I have a breeding tank that is exploding with guppies so I do enjoy guppy fry, however I'd like to maintain a certain level of size in my community tank.

Will a Licorice Gourami feed on guppy fry or would I need something bigger?

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24 minutes ago, Colu said:

I remember reading some were that female bettas are good for keeping guppy population in check

Thanks, I think that's what I'm leaning towards. The first google results came up with an article saying that Betta, Goldfish, Angelfish, Dwarf Gouramis and Pike Cichlid are good for controlling guppy fry population. That lead me to discover the Licorice Gourami, but it did look a bit too small for the job so I came to confirm.

Going to pick out a betta. 😉

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