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Should I add driftwood?

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I am wanting to add driftwood to my tank but I’m concerned about how it could change my water parameters. From the research I have done I know driftwood has potential to lower ph and hardness. With me being in Seattle I am already at the lower end of both of those. I am using crushed coral to increase those and don’t want to add driftwood if it’s just going to counteract that. Is there a way to add driftwood without effecting parameters?

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Hi Kaitlin, pretty sure it's going to have an effect no matter what you do, but I can say it stabilizes over time and you may be able to continue to balance it with the coral. Some say it helps to boil the crap out of it removing a lot of the tannins but they will still have them. There might be types of driftwood that are less so. I KNOW there are others on here that have a vast amount of experience with it. (I have coral and driftwood in my tanks and they are very stable but it took some time to balance the 2)

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