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Rinsing filters


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Hello everyone.  This is my first time here. Forgive me if this question has been asked before.

Recently my tank has become pretty well balanced and hasn't needed a water change for around a month. I've just been topping off for evaporation. But it's time to rinse the filter materials in my hang on back. 

Question is... should I rinse them with dechlorinated tap water? Will I lose beneficial  bacteria this way?Or should i break down and do a water change using tank water to rinse the media? 

Thanks in advance.

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You can probably just rinse it in tap water. I watched a video here: 


by prime time aquatics that shows the science behind why they always just rinse their sponges in tap water. 
Even Corey has said on a livestream at one time that it “probably” wouldn’t be an issue. Sorry I can’t remember which one. It’s an option if you don’t want to do a water change. However, Inhavent done it because I haven’t found myself in a position where I need to.


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