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Aqua Top 100


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I've been running an Aqua Top 100 air pump since January. Last night it started making a new noise that sounds kind of like a fluttering or warbling sound.

Has anyone else encountered this? Could the air pump be defective?


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As you can see this Tetra 100 filter is in need of a cleaning.  A great time to check them is with each filter maintenance (or if the pump gets loud).


The user manual will give direction on cleaning the filter if one is equipped.

From the Tetra manual

Care and Maintenance of your Tetra APS Air Pump
Always disconnect the air pump from the power supply before
carrying out any maintenance work on the unit.  This unit does
not require lubricating due to its low-maintenance design.
The air filter (C) should be replaced periodically depending on the
accumulation of dirt on the felt pad. Failure to replace a blocked
air fi lter may result in decreased air fl ow from the unit. Clean the
outside of the unit using a damp cloth and a mild detergent. Do not
use abrasive or caustic cleaning agents when cleaning the unit.
Never immerse the pump in water.
@Cory @Irene Maybe a video or blog on this?


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