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Bristlenose Pleco V.S. Micro Sward

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They don't eat other sword plants ... so yes they eat them just like they don't eat sword plants in general. 


In case my answer was confusing - none of my 12 bn have ever eaten any of my sword plants including micro swords.

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I think the bristlenose plecos will only start eating plants if they are really hungry. So if you are keeping up with your feedings, they should definitely leave the plants alone. If you are noticing them on the plants, they probably not eating them, they are just moving along or picking any algae off of the plants.  

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On 4/29/2021 at 9:34 PM, Ticker0505 said:

Will Bristlenose Plecos eat micro sward like they tend to do with other sward plants? I am wanting to add micro sward to one of my tanks but i also plan to add a Bristlenose or two to that same tank. 


Include plenty of vegetable matter in there diet such as cucumber  blanched spinach and lettuce algae wafers and they will leaver your plants alone 

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