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White slime mold?

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Is this white slime mold? It’s taken over this corner of my tank. It’s sticky and impossible to remove from the gravel by vacuuming. I’ve taken the plants/wood out and scrubbed it only to have it reappear almost instantly. The stuff on the glass moves-it comes up when the light is on and goes away when off. Anything I plant here (in the substrate) dies despite Easy Grow root tabs and Easy Green liquid fertilizer. Here’s the specs:

17g nano - started May 2020

2-3 inches of crushed gravel 

spider wood x 3 all boiled (piece in the picture has only been in the tank for 3-4 months) and this and another piece are replacing an Amazon sword that outgrew the tank  

30-ish Endlers, 10 dwarf emerald Rasboras, 8 amano shrimp, 2 cory cats (lost one) and 1 mystery snail.

musing the new Co-op strips:
Nitrates 25, Nitrites 0, Ammonia 0, hardness >300, Buffer looks like 0 <40 (pale pale yellow/green), Ph 6.8, Chlorine 0

Because there’s always Endler babies, I was feeding 2x day and cleaning gravel, sponge filter and small HOB weekly with usually 50% WC. I added a second sponge filter 3 weeks ago, thinking it might help. After recently seeing the water change video and discussion from Bob at Steenfont Aquatics and Cory, I’ve decided not to do so much. I did vacuum just the area in the picture on Sunday with about a 10% WC and I’ve cut back feeding to once/day for about the last two weeks. I suspect I’ve been over cleaning just trying to keep up with this stuff. 

Lights are Hygger 16w full spectrum turned down x2 (4 light settings) on 6 hrs, off 4hrs, on 3 hrs. 

Temp 80 degrees00ED0637-3F9C-4AD6-B049-F6C7F3F08054.jpeg.fd00a783c322fa51073c07669587db83.jpeg

How can I get rid of this stuff before it takes over the whole aquarium? It’s literally a “no mans land” 


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Edited to add additional close up photo on glass
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In my experience slime mold typically hangs out on the glass and lives off the biofilm and harms nothing. You may have a fungus issue going instead. I've found API's Pimafix to be pretty effective in wiping out fungus issues in the tank. What causes fungus in a tank? It's typically some uneaten food. Once it gets a foothold getting rid of it is a challenge. (Slime molds go away on their own.) Pimafix is the best option I've found for making fungus go away.  In four or five days it'll be pretty much gone.

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So I don’t have Pimafix and after looking at reviews on it, I’m concerned how it’s going to affect my Cory cats and amano’s. I’m not sure how accurate the reviews on Amazon or Google are, is it okay with Cory cats and amano shrimp? I was also thinking I’d try taking that section of gravel out and cleaning it or just replacing it.  

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